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We’ve been working hard!

So we’ve been pretty quiet lately. I wanted to share what we’ve been working on. If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen some of this already:

Hand stamped thank you tags



Door hangers



New Slim layered program


Custom phot puzzles


To learn more about any of these great products, or find out how you can get them for your special event, check out our online shop.

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Pin it to Win it Contest

We are so excited to introduce our Pin it to Win it Contest. On Monday we will start the contest giving you the chance to win one of 3 gift certificates to be used in our Etsy Shop.

You will post the link to your Pinterest board directly to this feed.

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My Review of ASPIRE Petallics Autumn Hay Card Stock – 8 1/2 x 11 in 98 lb Cover Metallic C/2S 200 per Package

Originally submitted at The Paper Mill Store .com

Inspired by the petals and the metals of North America, this sumptuous, glimmering paper reflects well on you.

Elegant metallic stock

By Expressions of You from Kansas City, MO on 7/6/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Paper Weight, Professional finish, Fair pricing

Best Uses: Wedding menu, Wedding Program, Wedding Invitation

This paper is great! I ordered it for Wedding Programs for a client and couldn’t be happier. I was nervous about being able to print on it, but was very pleased with how the text turned out. (as soon as it arrived, I actually ordered more!!!)

Wedding Program using Autumn Hay 98lb stock



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What We’ve Been up to

So I don't have the opportunity to post often these days. Last year I wished that I would double business in 2012. You know that saying, you have to "be careful what you wish for"? Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone forgot to remind me about that!!! So I wished for double, and here at the close of June I've doubled sales from 2011 already. It's been amazing, I LOVE working with my brides and other customers. But that means that pretty much I've been in fulfillment mode for the past several months. I haven't come up with many of new items, and I definitely haven't had time to blog. But I really love the process of writing and coming up with new things to tell you about. I'm going to keep trying my hardest to get some new information out soon about what we've been working on in the way of new items for your events. In the meantime I feel like I can tell you about the recent custom orders we have fulfilled.


Gosh where do I start!?


Okay I know, this one was SUPER fun. These are a fun little twist on our standard CD Folders. This bride knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted her program to double as her favor. I know what you're thinking, no one wants the wedding program as their favor, BUT her idea was right on track.

We took our standard CD folder, in Ivory for her, and added her program information with an insert. What made it so great?! We used pictures of the couple to give it an extra kick. Check out the photos below.





We'll tell you more soon, but it's back to work for now!!!

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Celebration Week!! – Sale on Etsy

This week is a big celebration week for us! It’s my birthday, my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, an of course it’s Father’s Day today. SOOO in honor of our busy and exciting week, we’re having a sale!!!

So stop by our Etsy Store to take advantage of these savings!



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Memorial Day SALE!!! – 25% off

Happy Memorial Day!


In honor of the memorial day holiday we are having a sale over in our Etsy Shop. For 24 hours only save 25% on your total purchase. To save use coupon MEMORIAL25 during checkout.

Happy Savings!

Expressions of You on Etsy

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New Trinket – Favor Box

We're super excited that we came across this favor box design a few days ago. It took us some practice, but we think we got it right. Right now we have it paired with on of our monogram tags, but we think you'll like it. More variations coming soon.


Check it out!



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We’re at it again: New diecuts

We're so excited about the newest diecuts in the collection!!! Check out these fun Puzzle diecuts. What are we going to use them for?! Lots of stuff we hope! :-D


8 x 10 Puzzle Diecut

So right now, here are a few of our ideas (we're hoping we just feel inspired as we start using it!)


  • Party invitations – how much fun would it be for your little one to send out party invites in the shape of this fun little puzzle. Also great for sending guests individual puzzle pieces, and asking them to bring them back to the party to fit into the larger puzzle.
  • Party favors – similar idea to the invitations, but I'm thinking these would be great for a picture from the party
  • Party coloring page – Pair the coloring set with a small set of crayons, and these favors become interactive in 2 ways.
  • Save-The-Date – Uhm I'm loving this idea. Interactive invitations are super fun. Let your guests know they are in for a fun time.


We'll be back soon with a few pictures of the ideas we are suggesting above. We're just super excited about this diecut.


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Introducing new “Assemble at Home” kits!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to think of ways to bring you the most popular items in our shop in a more cost effective manner. I think I have a pretty good idea! More DIY kits and options. Now that may not sound like the BEST idea, but I’m thinking some assemble at home options might be just what we need to help you save.

First up is our layered wedding program.


Here’s how this kit will work. You will still provide your information same as before, and we will prepare your files, print and cut. The difference will be that you will receive your program unassembled. We’ll even cut the ribbon for you! These would be available in the layered programs with and without the wraps.

We’ll show you some pictures soon of the kits!

The next kit we’ll introduce, and we’re pretty excited about this one, is our favor box kit.


Now these kits are the most exciting because of their ability to save you big on shipping costs. Because assembled favor boxes take up lots of space they require really large shipping boxes, and shipping costs escalate quickly.

Here’s what your kit will feature:

• Precut lengths of ribbon
• Precut, Pre-folded box. The box will also be hole punched to allow you to quickly thread your ribbon.
• Instructions for assembly

Other available features may include:
~ wrap band (as shown here in our zebra print)
~ monogram squares/stickers
~ favor tags

Stop by the shop frequently as we add new items for your event!

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Homemade Playdough party favors!

Well I have some time on my hands this morning while I’m sitting at the dentists office!

So I’ve mentioned a number of times before that I spend a lot of time looking through StumbleUpon for inspiration. I love working with my hands and having a finished product that I know I created. Nothing’s better!

Well recently I’ve been seeing a number of posts on homemade play-dough. It’s been a REALLY long time since I purchased any play-dough for my kiddos, because I have 3 of them and they don’t share very well, so it’s expensive. So this homemade idea really struck a cord for me. What’s better than making it by hand, and saving money at the same time? Great right?

I’m going to update this with pictures really soon, but for now I’m just going to tell you what I did.

• 4 cups all purpose flour
• 1 cup iodized salt
• 4 teaspoons Cream of Tarter
• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
• 4 cups water

In a medium sized pot put your ingredients in. I’ve done this a few times and it doesn’t seem like they need to be entered in any specific order. I just dump it all in.


***Now it’s important to note that you need a REALLY heavy duty spoon, either wooden or plastic will do. AND you need a lot of patience. It takes a long time for the dough to cook.***

Ok once you have all of your ingredients in the pan you will cook on medium heat stirring constantly. You’ll know it’s done when it pulls from the sides and started to form a ball. It looked to me like over cooked mashed potatoes. (just go with me on this one)

Once you’ve reached the consistency you desire you’ll want to unload your dough from your pan onto a working surface. I protected my surface/counter top with some wax paper to keep my counter clean.

***CAUTION the dough is HOT*** I know it seems self explanatory since you just took it off the stove, but I MUST learn the hard way. You’ll want to let it rest a little bit so you don’t burn yourself when working with it.

I wanted to make several colors so I divided mine into 4 sections and kneaded them separately. I kneaded them just a bit before adding color.

Now on the color it’s really up to you, but I found that the gel colors worked best. The colors were just a lot more vibrant. You’ll add color to your desired depth. Remember that you can always add more, but you can’t take it back. (I learned this when trying to make purple. Word to the wise, just don’t do it) Working with the raw die can be challenging. I didn’t wear gloves the first time I did it, and my hands were red for a few days! Also you have to be careful to not transfer colors between batches.

Ok back to kneading the dough. I made a little well in the middle of my dough ball and added the color into there. I folded it over and kept kneading until the color was evenly mixed. As you mix you’ll be able to tell how deep your color is. If you’re mixing colors I suggest doing one color at a time do you can make sure you have a proper balance. Once the raw color is incorporated you won’t need the gloves any more.

Play til your heart’s content. (I sneak and play with the dough I made my kiddos all the time)

Also I found out if you don’t add any color and knead it really well. It’s ALMOST white dough. They mess it up pretty quick mixing their dough but it was fun for a few minutes.

Be sure to store these in airtight containers. The small ziplock sauce containers work great!

My middle son is turning 6 in a couple of weeks and we’ll be giving sets of homemade play dough for his favors.

I’ll show you a picture of those soon.

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